What Is Not To Love
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Imperial Teen — What Is Not To Love
Release date : Feb. 23, 1999
Label : Slash / Umgd
  1. Open Season
  2. Birthday
  3. Yoo Hoo
  4. Lipstick
  5. Alone In The Grass
  6. Crucible
  7. The Beginning
  8. Year Of The Tan
  9. Seven
  10. Hooray
  11. Beauty


One of us
faking Victorian
What a fuss,
picture of Dorian
Follow a trail
Corrupt the au pair
A lesson in lust
The prince lost his hair
Bathing words with mock hysteria
Stuffing birds, a case of malaria
Preparing your face
For crying on cue
You’re painting you nails
While eating for two
It’s a reflection


She goes to school in Washington
A major in self portraiture
Her poster in a record store
You meet her in a parking lot
And we should save ourselves
Blue sequins for the birthday girl
A beauty in a bridal gown
Her weakness for piano parts
She falls in love with everything
And we should save ourselves


Smells like nothing
Back to beatnik
I want partner
Big shot rock star
A cold charisma
Shotgun wedding
And I’m familiar
With the Kama Sutra
I’ll sign something when I’m ready
I’ll kill someone
Blood confetti


Look the sea just parted
Stop the race that started
Faking gaps for generations
Of nations
She’s from Rapid City
Fueled on pride and pity
It’s enough that she was raised there
Not to stay there
Why you gotta be so proud?
I’m the one with lipstick on
Bought a Stratocaster
Learned to play it faster
Fixed her hair and joined a rock band
Ooooh a rock band
Saw her in the paper
Tried so hard to hate her
It’s just I’d rather see the movie
It’d move me
Autographs and spotlights
Makeup under hot lights
Girls who stand in line to see her Wanna be her
Stalkers in the trees and cameras smashed to pieces
All she wanted was a pony, just a pony


The cherry white air
A California convention
People will stare
High on the skyway
Corroding cement
Another vision for dying
Unnatural intent
To wait for chemicals drying
Ecological night
Sleeveless dress is the sunrise
The animal bites
Only if you provoke it
Waiting in line
The only difference is spatial
We’re unaware of the time
Alone in the grass


Left the cradle by the door
Now the baby’s gone
The fault that left the door ajar
That’s been spoken for
Beat my friend again
Oops, I’m best again
Come on, come on
Bought a ticket to the show
I don’t want to go
Burned the theatre to the ground
Now I got to go
Looped on estrogen
Oops, I’m best again
Come on, come on
Crucible, crucible
Salmonella lacks of taste
That’s the plight of plague
Love’s been slayed by rules obeyed
Snuffed the serenade
Hooked on estrogen
Oops I’m best again
Come on, come on
Kissed my friend again
Oops, I’m best again
Come on, come on


Oh so fortunate you
And so pitiful me
I sent you letter bombs
And you sent ’em back to me
What I thought was a hen
Turned out to be chicken
You’re fucking movie stars?
Well I’m fucking congressmen
I feeling mostly sick
I’m sleeping mostly days
I underpay my tricks
Just to over compensate
My nose it starts to run
My ears they start to bleed
To you my sweet girlfriend
The beginning is the end


[Will’s vocal]
I can shake a stick at all the living
Got two holes in my hands
It’s not enough to feed a nation
I’m not just another fan
I see you looking at the living
Put it back in your pants
Do you need an invitation?
Mr. Wagon meet the band
I gotta dance
Shaking hips for a living
It’s the year of the tan
Another Jagger imitation
Doing Liza as a man
No more waiting, time for living
Drinking wine in a can
It’s my latest incarnation
Sweaty tickets in my hand

[Lynn’s vocal]
Hey wait a minute
I think I need a sec
I just wanna sit right here
I don’t feel so good in this dress
Take a minute take a look at me
Tell me, tell me what you think you see
Do I give off a bubble effect?
Think I need another cigarette
Don’t wanna
Take it easy
I don’t wanna dance
Maybe later I’ll be feeling good
Maybe greater than I thought I could
Something subtle gets me something sweet
Time with me isn’t a two way street
Buying into the beauty myth
Telling everything, I’ll take the fifth
Let it out and let me live it up
This isn’t fun, I think I’ll give it up
I don’t wanna
Take it easy I don’t wanna dance
Don’t wanna
Sit down here and watch me eat to the beat
Maybe later I’ll be feeling good
Maybe greater than I thought I could
Possibilities I can’t ignore
C’mon baby let’s get on the floor


My prodigy outsmarted me
8/4 on floor 4/8 on beam
My heart intends to pray for friends
Not perfect 10’s
That ball I kick It’s skin so thick
That girl’s my friend, my only friend
That ball I kick
Seven holes and seven seams
Seven boiled and seven steamed
Seven fold turns seventeen
Stephanie stops at seven
That fort I build
That moth I killed
That girl’s my friend, my only friend
That fort I build


Heads that turn won’t stay put
Beauty unto its own
Stumbled dance, a gunshot foot
Beauty unto its own
Loose neck grip is tightly fit
Beauty unto its own
Pistol poor and pistol whipped
Beauty unto its own
I’m a big boy, I’m a big star
What’s a decoy, what’s a guitar
Chewing gum, sucking thumb
Beauty unto its own
Left bank highs an eastside run
Beauty unto its own
I’m a big boy, I’m a big star
Oh to destroy what’s done so far
I’d cry for you if you would too
Beauty unto its own
Sad is bad when sad is good

Imperial Teen