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Imperial Teen — Seasick
Release date : May. 07, 1996
Label : Polygram Records
  1. Imperial Teen
  2. Water Boy
  3. Butch
  4. Pig Latin
  5. Blaming the Baby
  6. You're One
  7. Balloon
  8. Tippy Tap
  9. Copafeelia
  10. Luxury
  11. Eternity


so sick then take medicine
i’m up to my neck in party favors
perticides and pills
the water has broken
my rash is outspoken
and I can smell the fever in the dark
can’t go back can’t go straight
can’t turn
can’t cross bridge i’ve yet to burn

Imperial teen
the lepers are fixing
the hawk bit the chicken
killing boys but giving birth to men
so you’re the new messiah
i think you should retire
i’m a fan of Liberace too
one fat lip one black eye one bat
true love’s not worth much more than that
imperial teen
does it hurt when you scream?
i remember my dreams
mister imperial teen
if I only had another hand
i’d cut it off and start a band
imperial teen


riding saddle side
stolen body sock
you can crack the whip
have your soul in hock
seven samurai
encrusted ornament
paper scissors rock
why can’t you take a hint?
bow down to me
bow down yeah baby baby
water on the brain
dripping down your thighs
it’s quite a waterfall
a sight for sorry eyes
refures to eat the fruit
those vitamins won’t do
i just bite it off
i’m getting fat for you
you’re not qualified
you’r not what i employ
give the hand me downs
to the water boy
culture is a curse
for the second string
they pick you
because they pick you first
based on what you bring


you ate your heart out
i’d eat it too
it burns and blisters
you want it to
i never swallow
i chew i chew
the darker berry
spit back at you
you can’t take what i won’t mean
it takes too long to hear you scream it
he was a troubled teen
he read a magazine
the prince wants to be a queen
suddenly the gun was loaded
it never came
i pulled the trigger
ignored the stain
tying the knot
tightens the strain
and death is worth the price of fame
i can’t take what you don’t mean
it makes them quiet
when you scream it
butch is pink
butch is blue
you like strawberries
i like you
i’d wear your dress
i’d burn it too
don’t baby baby i’ll baby you
i double meant it
you double knew
the double pleasure
i took from you
left before they came to save you
i want back the time i gave you
you were a troubled teen
you’re in the magazines
the prince wants to be a queen


i don’t mind looking at you
your hair sticks straight up
well this spray can
is my favorite vonnegut to william hell
i don’t want to be happy
i wanna mess around
but these drugs have made me sappy
i do love feeling down
i can’t even cry
i can’t even try
your teeth are sublime
so take me i’m mine
let’s stop and order pancakes
don’t mind sitting down
if i can’t take it to yesterday
it’s a new day all confound
i don’t know why you alchemists
all spin around yourselves
make fool’s gold out of increments
i don’t chew what you sell
i can’t even cry i can’t even try
your teeth are sublime
so take me i’m mine


i don’t wanna give you the time
that you give me
i didn’t wanna go to a be-in with you
you put me in a box
and cut into my psyche
you will find i’m done before starting with you
i know that daddy’s reached his prime
now it’s cradle robbing crime
but i’m too old for whine
just get it over with
i don’t wanna give you the time
that you give me
i don’t wanna go to the islands with you
put me in a box and make love to my skeleton
we can snuff my soul
and smoke after we’re through
i can’t play your touchy feel
it’s not part of the deal
won’t die for every meal
just get it over with
good boy gone sour
locked in a tower
good boy gone sour
paid by the hour
good boy gone sour


you’re one you’re one
it’s with you i wanna be
you’re one you’re one
peace and love and empathy
you’re one you’re one
tie me off i wanna be
shooting up the enemy
we played a show and no one came
we played and played it just the same
if there’s no ears then there’s no sound
if there’s no tree then there’s no ground
that crown of thorns you wear it well
you bought it cheap it’s time to sell
you say you’re sick from altitude
a crown’s a crown what can you do?
you take it like a man boy
i’d pump your stomach
if i thought it’d stop your pain
your doctor bought forever now foever then
ignore the flower feed the stem
you take it like a man boy
you kiss me like a man boy
Come on, come on


i have a crate it’s filled with bricks
and pictures of our past
depreciating values and i’m losing interest fast
all the hungry mouths i seen could never make me steal
i would rather stand and die
than have to bow and kneel
you call me pocket venus
but i’m really pocket freak
you know i don’t need this
i have my own potholes leaks
i came into some money
i don’t need you anymore
you can call me superstar
or you can call me whore
i’m the type of guy
who doesn’t have a type at all
i’m not dressed for this climate
someone take me to the mall
drink toilet water and eat
the food that rots
we’re living in the coisters
where out subtext is out plot
i’m back in your life
we can’t even mess up right


i’ve got a can of shit
can you open it?
i always make my bed
pick on her instead
this fishbowl doesn’t hold a killer whale in tow
my dad’s a lot of fun
my dad he has a gun
hands up lay down don’t cry
stick a needle in your eye
i left it all behind me
now you own what’s mine
that’s something that i lack
i think i want it back
hands up lay down don’t cry
i’m the only reason why


cop a feel for all your sins
don’t get too excited suck down ritalin
fake an interest
seven inch penny for your soul
and it’s not worth it
runnin’ from myself
i don’t even know why
cutting out your paper friends
paper doesn’t last
it burns it burns it burns
camouflage is on the rise
you’re not fashion conscious
you’re acid washed you’re acid wasshd
runnin’ from myself
i don’t even know why
carbonated blonde
couture drunken hands will kill your pimp
and make you whore de jour
you’re worth more dead than alive
i don’t want to die here
i don’t even know why
sometimes i just get by


i licked the lap of luxury
bit off enough to chew
i love the taste of anything
that i can spit at you
i feel bad to be good and so misunderstood
about bad & what’s good
& what’s misunderstood
to be had is too good to be misunderstood
it’s just sad that i don’t have a friend
i crashed the family limousine
i drove to feel the drive
the chauffer’s dead my mother said
& you’re the one alive
i can’t be what you want me to be
what you bou
ght was free
the famine hit the laminate
i paid for has expired
i’m braving it
i’m saving it for later
when’m fired
i wouldn’t want what’s left of you
to be what’s left of me
hypocrisy is stalking me
i’m kissing lips and feet
i can’t be what you want me to be
what you bought was free
the pelican brought baby in
i wish the boy was mine
it must have been the heroin
that kept me in my prime
i feel bad & what’s good
& what’s misunderstood
to be had us too good to be misunderstood
it’s just sad that i don’t have a gun
i left my home and family
they still don’t know i’m gone
i’m looking for a family
that listens to my songs


what are we suppossed to be
let’s watch our friends
they’re on tv
we’ll freeze the frosting on
the girlie magazines for eternity
and you turn to me

Imperial Teen