SPIN Magazine : Imperial Teen’s Lynn Perko-Truell named top 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music

imagesLynn Truell (The Dicks, Sister Double Happiness, Imperial Teen)
A solid, reliable, and adaptable drummer is always in demand, and Lynn Truell (née Perko) hasn’t been without a band since the dawn of the ’80s. A fixture in the San Francisco underground, notably with the second iteration of hardcore punks the Dicks and then the blues-heavy Sister Double Happiness, she demonstrated a killer combination of timing and texture. But Truell’s most impressive work was in ’90s indie-punks Imperial Teen, where she flaunted her ability to switch from tight pop beats to brittle, combustible throwdowns.

Most Booming Moment: Six seconds into 1996’s “Water Boy,” Truell lays down a simple pick-up that opens the gates for a rush of manic, pent-up energy. JEANNE FURY

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